Google Analytics – это сервис Google, помогающий владельцам веб-сайтов и приложений оценить активность их пользователей. Он может использовать файлы cookie для сбора информации и статистики, но Google не получает никаких сведений о личности пользователей. Подробнее о файлах cookie Google Analytics и защите конфиденциальности…

google analytics cookie law

Google Analytics EU Cookie Law

Most modern websites have some kind of web tracking solution for collecting information about visitors to the site, which is largely used by marketing staff to make decisions to improve the site to increase traffic volumes.

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics package available, not least because it is both free and extremely powerful. Google Analytics (GA) is found in use at around 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites — including the likes of New York Times, Washington Post, Mashable and Twitter. For smaller websites, this figure is even higher.

However much site owners think of it as an essential website tool, Google Analytics is covered by the requirements of the EU Cookie Law. This means the website owners must seek consent for the use of GA, using tools like Optanon.

Optanon will help you tell your visitors about GA, and provide them with the ability to opt-out without having to leave your site. All it requires is a slight change to how you add Google Analytics into your pages, which is very easy for most websites to implement. If you use Google Tag Manager, it is even easier to use Optanon to control Google Analytics, subject to user consent.

Optanon also provides you with some simple language describing what analytics is – which you can use in your privacy policy, along with an accurate list of the cookies used, with a single line of code. See how this works within our own How We Use Cookies page

Most sites can rely on Implied Consent for Google Analytics using Optanon. However, if a user chooses to opt-out, Optanon uses a first party cookie to remember your visitors’ choice for 12 months.

However, for those countries where explicit consent is required, Optanon enables you to get consent for Google Analytics before the cookies are set.